Fans have a brilliant theory about where Brianna and Roger are in Outlander

Roger and Brianna travelled through the stones with their young son 

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Outlander's penultimate episode ended on a cliffhanger after Brianna and Roger decide to leave Fraser's Ridge with their son Jemmy, and return to the safety of the 20th century. After going through the stones, the episode ends as the trio look around in surprise, with Roger muttering "What the devil?" at something offscreen. Naturally fans of the Amazon Prime show have been mulling over what they might have seen, with many suggesting that they only travelled through time by just a few days. 


What do you think will happen in the finale? 

One person wrote: "I think they travel just a few minutes or hours. They probably see young Ian living. For traveling they have to think of a destination and their hearts are in the past, with their family." Another added: "I've been mulling over this for the past couple of days. WHAT IF who Jemmy sees is Claire? Jemmy’s reaction and the horror on Bree’s face makes me think it’s Claire (or Jamie)." Another person suggested: "So who here thinks that Brianna and Roger land in an alternate future that’s been changed and now has to find their way back? That’s my theory! #Outlander" 

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In the books, Roger and Brianna don't travel back to their time until the sixth novel, and author Diana Gabaldon opened up about bringing forward the action, telling Town and Country: "Given what they’re dealing with in terms of constraints and space, I think it makes all kinds of sense because I have storylines that can stretch out for three or four books. It’s a coherent storyline, so I don’t see any problem really in lifting pieces of the storyline from one book and condensing them with the earlier pieces from another book in order to make a contiguous line." 

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