Michelle Keegan's quirky doorbell leaves her red-faced during live video chat – watch the hilarious moment

The star was promoting Brassic's season 2

Andrea Caamano

Live video chats can go horribly wrong, just ask 'BBC dad' Robert Kelly or Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth – and now, Michelle Keegan.

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The actress, 32, was taking part in a live Q&A for her role in the Sky One sitcom Brassic, alongside her co-stars, when her doorbell went off and her dog Phoebe left her red-faced after interrupting the chat with her loud barking.

Michelle's co-star Tom Hanson, who plays Cardi in the hit series which returned to TV screens on Wednesday night, was talking about his new love interest when he was suddenly interrupted by a very loud doorbell sound and lots of barking.


The actress with her dog Phoebe

"My god, what was that?" he suddenly said, as Michelle could be seen looking towards her front door, before putting her hand over her mouth in shock.

Her co-stars couldn't help but laugh whilst she tended to the matter, with one saying: "I believe the dogs have just tackled Mark Wright to the ground.

"It's the husband, leave him alone!" he joked.

"So sorry," said an embarrassed Michelle, as she sat back down for the chat.


Michelle posted a picture of her getting ready ahead of the chat

Her friends seemed more amused at the doorbell than the actual barking. "What a hilarious doorbell," said Aaron Blu Heffernan, before the host asked: "Was that your doorbell?"

The actress seemed embarrassed as she confessed: "Yes, and it set the dogs off. That's what happens in lockdown. In lockdown you don't know who's coming round. It's probably the Amazon delivery I was expecting two weeks ago."

Despite being on lockdown, Michelle has been busy promoting several projects. Earlier this week she appeared on The One Show where she opened up about her lockdown life and also shut down any hope of her taking over Holly Willoughby's role on Celebrity Juice, following her departure.

The star told Alex Jones and Gethin Jones: "I can officially say that's not true. Don't get me wrong, I'm a massive fan of the show. I love the show, I find it hilarious. But, at the minute, no, no, that's not true."