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Celebrity kids crash Zoom chats! Chris Hemsworth, Kim Kardashian and more hilarious videos

When parents work from home…

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Sophie Hamilton
Sophie HamiltonParenting Editor
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We've all been there. You're mid-way through a Zoom work call, trying to look professional whilst simultaneously hiding your lower half (PJ situation) and then it happens - your children who were under strict orders to watch TV come bounding into the room and then, yep, they're also on the screen. You never know what the little angels will say, do you - and it's likely to be pretty embarrassing - so we really feel for this bunch of celebrity parents who recently suffered their kids hilariously crashing their Zoom chats. Watch and enjoy…

Chris Hemsworth

We think we love Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth even more than we did before – if that's at all possible. The star was taking part in a three-way Zoom interview about his latest movie Extraction on Netflix, when his kids started mucking about behind the computer.

As he tried to quieten them, Chris says: "That's my kids in the background!" His son then joins dad on camera, cutely smiling, before getting up to more mischief. The actor said: "Sorry, my son is throwing pillows at the computer. Buddy, just hang on. It's going to knock off the [screen]." From a child's perspective, disrupting dad's Zoom call is surely the ultimate fun thing to do.

WATCH: See Chris Hemsworth's son interrupt his famous dad

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman is one of our favourite comedy actors – so it's no surprise that he had a hilarious response to his eight-year-old daughter Maple crashing his Zoom chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently. As the star talked to the host, viewers suddenly saw Maple pop up at the window behind him waving at the camera. "There goes Maple. Say hi to Jimmy," Jason said, before joking: "You see, I keep her outside. That way, there's more food for me inside the house." Love it!

WATCH: Jason Bateman's daughter popped up at the window

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Kelly Clarkson

Singer Kelly got her own child, River Rose, to join her Zoom interview with her Trolls World Tour co-stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick – but we're sure she wasn't expecting one of their comments!

The three stars were playing a scavenger hunt game where they had to collect something to do with Trolls. Justin grabbed one of his child's toys, while Kelly said: "I got one better than that," as she pulled her five-year-old River Rose into the shot. We had to laugh when the little then said to Anna, who plays Poppy in the movie: "And I love your acting. I love Poppy." Aw, so cute!

WATCH: Kelly Clarkson's daughter take over the chat

Jimmy Fallon

Loving how The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon just totally went with his daughters Frances, five, and Winnie, six, rolling around on him on camera! Filming from his home on 18 March, things went a little crazy as the two girls giggled, pulled silly expressions and climbed all over their star dad, blocking the camera with a close-up view of their faces and generally distracting him from his whole interview plan.

WATCH: Jimmy's daughters make their dad giggle

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Kim Kardashian

Ok, this isn't a Zoom, but we had to include it as it's so funny. Kim Kardashian recently filmed a public service announcement video on the importance of social distancing, but the serious clip was crashed by her super-cute daughter North.

Kim starts by introducing herself: "Hi I'm Kim Kardashian West," but before she gets any further, her daughter pipes up, "And I'm North West." Things go haywire from there. "I want out," says North. "You went outside in your backyard, and that's totally fine." As Kim tries to get her important message across, she has to berate North, saying: "Can you not like jump on the bed? Give me like two seconds to seriously do this."

North then plays peek-a-boo behind her mum on the bed, as Kim tells viewers: "Trust me. I want to get out, more than you know." However, North has the last word with her cheeky quip: "You should be more busy with your kids, not your friends." Eek, someone must have been in time out for that one!

WATCH: Kim Kardashian's daughter North gets in trouble

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