Spencer Morgan with Piers

Is Piers Morgan's son going on Love Island? 

Will we be seeing Spencer, Albert or Stanley Morgan on Love Island? 

Emmy Griffiths

Piers Morgan often chats about his three grown-up sons, Spencer, Albert and Stanley, who regularly joke around with their famous father on social media. However, the TV personality has said that he has threatened to write them out of his will if any of them dare to sign up for Love Island


Piers shared a snap of Stanley on holiday

Piers previously revealed that his eldest son, Spencer, has been asked to go on the reality show. Chatting on GMB, he said: "He said: ‘My oldest son is addicted to [Love Island], which I find really depressing... He has been asked to be on it. My sons get regularly asked to go on reality television. I said no problem they go, 'Really Dad?' I said, 'Sure, as long as you don’t mind being cut out of the will, not a problem.' And at that point, funnily enough, there’s a dramatic C-change in their attitude."

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Piers recently met up with Spencer

In fact, fans were very impressed by Stanley's physique after Piers' shared a shirtless snap of him flexing his muscles while they holidayed in Beverly Hills. He captioned the post referencing the ping pong table behind him in the photo, writing: "Nice guns son – shame you still lost 21-10 to the old man." Piers' followers were instantly convinced that he should go on the show, with one writing: "He should go on Love Island!" Another added: "Phoawwww is he single?" 

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The dad-of-four recently revealed that he had been able to meet up with Spencer at a park while sticking to the two-metre distance rule. Sharing a snap of himself with his son, he wrote: "Nice to see you again son, albeit from two metres. #3MonthReunion." Spencer shared the same snap, joking: "Good to see this walking foghorn after three months. Ears appreciated the two metres. Also nice seeing the sister through the window."