Daisy Edgar-Jones admits to the real reason behind her now iconic fringe – and it might surprise you

The Normal People star's reason is totally relatable!

Francesca Shillcock

Normal People has gripped viewers for both its romantic yet heartbreaking plot, and its style. While Connell's chain has become a media sensation in its own right, Daisy Edgar-Jones' character Marianne has her own version: her bangs. And now, the actress has revealed the surprising story behind her now-famous fringe, and how she believes it landed her the part in the BBC drama.

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Speaking on the How to Fail with Elizabeth Day podcast, Daisy shared that she was inspired to cut her hair after missing out on an acting role. "When you don't get those parts, when you get really close to them, those are the hardest to get over," she began, adding: "I got really close to something and I really thought I was going to get it and I didn't."

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Daisy's fringe in Normal People has been hailed the new 'Connell's Chain'

She continued: "I was so upset that I actually did the thing you do when you break up with someone, I got a breakup haircut - which was my fringe! Which has since been the best decision I've ever made because I genuinely think it's the only reason I got Marianne, because she has a fringe."

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Now that Daisy has become known for her luscious locks, the actress is clearly keen to keep the style in check. "I've been trying to cut my fringe in quarantine and it's an interesting process. My flatmates doing a great job of it," she laughed. Daisy's fringe (or, rather, Marianne's fringe) has become such a standout in the show that it now even has its own social media page. After the Instagram account 'Connell's Chain' gained thousands of followers almost instantly, 'Marianne's Bangs' was soon created to share and appreciate pictures of the character's hair. The account was only made a few days ago, but has already racked up over six thousand followers.

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