Piers Morgan defends five-year anniversary with TV wife Susanna Reid 

Susanna spoke about her working relationship with Piers in her column

Emmy Griffiths

Piers Morgan has celebrated a very special fifth anniversary with his TV wife, Susanna Reid! The Good Morning Britain co-stars joked about the day on Twitter, with Susanna writing: "Me & Piers: our TV marriage has reached the five-year landmark," to which Piers retweeted, adding: "And they said it wouldn’t last!" Susanna wrote a piece for the Daily Mail about their working relationship and admitted that the pair argue with one another regularly off-camera as well as on. She explained: "We’re one of those couples who fight, and it’s not just for the cameras. We often have rows in the editorial meeting that we continue on air." 


Susanna and Piers have been working together on GMB for five years

She continued: "We met long before we 'got together' as co-hosts. Fourteen years ago I first interviewed him on the BBC sofa. I seem to remember being glad it was only a brief encounter. Now we host a breakfast show together, and viewers say it’s like watching ‘mum and dad argue in front of the kids’. Truth be told, by the time I get home, I feel like I’ve been through the wringer. But here’s the thing. It’s a dynamite dynamic. However strongly Piers argues his point, I’m there to represent the other side, even when it’s unpopular. He needs me to be the yin to his yang." 

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Susanna tweeted about their five-year anniversary

She added that Piers admitted that he saves his arguments for work, and in reality very rarely rows with his wife. Susanna explained: "He said he could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times he and his wife have had a serious row in the ten years they have been married. ‘I spend all day shouting at people, so I get home and can’t be bothered,’ he said." 

Fans were quick to offer their congratulations (and make jokes) over the pair's career milestone, with one writing: "Congrats to our favourite tv odd/engaging couple." Another added: "I get up at 6 am just to watch my favourite TV show... keep it up." 

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In reality, Piers is married to Celia Walden. He recently mentioned her on GMB after admitting that he had put on weight during the lockdown, with the pair of them often opting for a Chinese takeaway. He also recently chatted about McDonalds opening again on the show, explaining: "Yesterday, we discussed Ikea and the phenomenon that has passed me by but this one I get. I have not had a Big Mac, which I would normally have every six or seven weeks, and I will travel a long distance on foot when the craving starts, I have not had one since January, I don't think. I'm desperate, I'm desperate. So I get this, I didn't get Billy bookcases or a Mickey Mouse desk, but I get the craving for a Big Mac." 

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