9 brand new 2020 TV shows you should be watching right now 

These TV shows from 2020 will keep you occupied for at least a week!  

Emmy Griffiths

From BBC dramas you might not have checked out just yet to brilliant comedies from across the pond, check out the brand new shows that you should absolutely add to your must-watch list! 


Based on the 2018 film Skate Kitchen, this six-part HBO series follows a group of young women as they try to make it in the patriarchal world of skateboarding. Keep your eye out for Jaden Smith as well! 


Fans are loving the skateboard comedy 

Fans have adored this new show, which is available on Sky and NOW TV in the UK, with one writing: "Hope #BettyHBO has a season two. I absolutely LOVE this show. Now I wanna learn how to skate," while another added: "I love love love love love this show so much! #BettyHBO binged it all at once. Such complex characters, so heartwarming and tragic, just so incredibly human." 

I May Destroy You 

Michaela Coel's series about a woman who wakes up after a night out with hardly any memory of what happened, slowly learning that she has been assaulted, and coming to terms with the trauma is an absolute must-watch. It is devastating, smart, full of heart and you will love in love with the story's hero, Arabella. Oh, and it made Adele cry. 


I May Destroy You has been a huge hit 

Condor season one 

Have you checked out this thriller yet? The story follows Joe, a CIA analyst who stumbles onto a plan that threatens the lives of millions. Secretly joining the CIA in the hopes of changing times from the inside, Joe has to drastically change his plans after disaster strikes - and with for his own survival. Catch up on NOW TV before season two, which is currently airing in the US, comes across the pond. 


Catch up with Condor season one

The Politician season two 

Payton Hobart is back with his political schemings and aspirations to become the President of the United States in this witty, darkly comic satirical Netflix drama. 

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WATCH: Netflix's The Politician season two is here

Starring the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Platt and Lucy Boynton, it is a binge-worthy season you can easily watch all in one go! Season two will be released on Friday, so catch up on the characters ahead of schedule and watch the trailer here: 

The Salisbury Poisonings

The BBC true-crime drama which looked at the harrowing story of the poisonings that took place in the Wiltshire town back in 2018 has been critically lauded by viewers and reviewers alike. One person wrote: "This series must have evoked painful memories of a horrific event for so many people but I thought it was dramatised with great sensitivity. Emotive writing and direction with powerful performances from a brilliant cast. Well done to everyone involved." 


The show has praised by viewers

Another added: "Kudos to the BBC - while other channels have relied on repeats, they’ve brought out some brilliant dramas since the start of lockdown: #NormalPeople, #SittingInLimbo, #IMayDestroyYou and now #TheSalisburyPoisonings." 

The Luminaries

We may have cheated a little bit here since the drama won't be out until Sunday, but mark the date in your calendars! Based on the bestselling novel by Eleanor Catton, the New Zealand-based story follows a series of characters involved with a mysterious death during the Gold Rush that leaves a woman imprisoned, a man missing, and a whole lot of unclaimed gold up for grabs. 


The Luminaries will premiere on BBC One on Friday

Sitting in Limbo 

The television film was widely praised and looks at the dramatic true story of Anthony Bryan, a Jamaican-born man who moves to the UK aged eight and, after living there for 50 years, is suddenly sacked from his job, stricken of NHS access or benefits, and taken to a detention centre in Dorset by immigration during the Windrush Scandal. 


The harrowing drama follows a true story

Alex Rider

Alex is a teenage spy who, following the death of his uncle, is recruited to attend a boarding school for extremely wealthy and badly behaved kids. 

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The series, based on the bestselling novel series by Anthony Horowitz, has already been a huge hit, and Deadline has reported a second season is already on the cards. So what are you waiting for? Log into Amazon Prime Video and join the fandom! 

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WATCH: see the Alex Rider trailer for yourself

Make Me Famous 

This drama looks at the hard truth about becoming an overnight celebrity, and the impact it has on not only the newly coined celeb, but their friends and families. The story follows Billy, who takes part in a reality show thinking it will change his life. 

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The story follows Billy after his moment in the spotlight

The synopsis reads: "A year later, while some of Billy’s co-stars’ careers are thriving, Billy is struggling to balance the afterglow of fame with social media and tabloid kiss-and-tells and the resulting assumptions people have made about his character, forcing deep vulnerabilities to the surface."