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Alan Carr gives up alcohol to support his husband

The Epic Gameshow presenter went teetotal after getting married

alan carr and husband

Television presenter Alan Carr was once known for enjoying a showbiz party with the occasional boozy tipple, but the hilarious star revealed he gave up alcohol after marrying his husband Paul Drayton.

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alan and paul© Photo: Getty Images

Alan with his husband Paul

Talking about Paul at a gig in London back in 2018, 42-year-old Alan told the audience: "He's been sober for 161 days. I haven't had a drink during this time either… or a smile."

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After making the revelation that he gave up alcohol to support his new husband, Alan continued to explain that he didn't even tell his family he was getting married, saying: "I didn't tell them I was getting married. Oh my God! They went mental." The pair wed in Los Angeles in January 2018 after being in a relationship for ten years.

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alan married

The couple married in January 2018

The comedian and presenter often keeps tight-lipped about his private life, but he has revealed some titbits about Paul in the past. In his book Alantomy: The Inside Story, the comedian wrote: "I want to be there for him because he's the best thing that's happened to me."

The TV star had made no secret of his wish to have Adele sing at his wedding, but the couple surprised fans even more when Adele actually officiated their big day. During an appearance on This Morning after their big day, Alan said: "She said I want to do your special day, let me do everything. So, she got ordained and she married us."

alan carr and paul drayton

Alan has cut back on alcohol since they got married

Becoming emotional, Alan continued: "She is the kindest, most-sweetest, loveliest person ever. She flew us to Vegas to see Celine Dion sing. She sang my first dance. It was the best day of my life."

Alan's teetotalism might come as a surprise to fans, after he previously revealed a wild night he spent with Prince Harry. Speaking to HELLO! at the Global Gift 2018 Gala, he explained that he had once bumped into the young Prince in a nightclub. He said: "I was at a nightclub and Prince Harry was there and he said to me, 'Where are your glasses?' Because I was drunk and I'd lost my glasses. And then I ended up like doing the dutty wine… and I ended up pulling his tie and pulling him on top of me." Wow!

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