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GMB's Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway get the giggles as they show off their personalised face masks

The TV stars couldn't stop laughing!

ben shephard kate garraway face masks
Andrea Caamano
Andrea CaamanoWebsite Editor
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Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard couldn't contain their laughter on Monday's Good Morning Britain show as they showed off their new personalised face masks.

The duo, alongside Doctor Sarah Jarvis, who is replacing Dr Hilary for the next two weeks, had face masks made specially for them and proudly put them on during the show – much to the amusement of viewers.

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WATCH Ben and Kate hilariously show off their new face masks

"We've got some masks here because people are now trying to inject a bit of humour into the whole thing. Let's make ourselves smile while we deal with all of this," Kate began to say as she showed off the masks.

She added: "These have been made for us, this is apparently my face. I wish I could wear this for the whole show. Because I look a lot less wrinkled in the mask."

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ben kate laughing masks

Ben said Kate looked like a Spitting Image puppet

"You can get your own face put on the mask," Ben said as Kate struggled to put hers on. "Something is not right here," she said whilst trying to adjust her mask to make it match correctly to her face.

"I look very happy," Kate commented. "You have big teeth Kate Garraway!" Ben said as he laughed.

"You look lopsided Ben Shephard," added Kate before Ben explained he felt like he had had "a fight with someone and my nose has been broken".

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"You look like you're going to rob a bank, actually," Kate joked as he hit back, saying: "You've just reminded me of a Spitting Image puppet."

Kate laughed as she agreed: "Do I? I do look a bit like a Spitting Image puppet."

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