Future of NBC and Netflix's Good Girls confirmed – will there be a season 4?

The NBC show recently dropped season three on Netflix

Francesca Shillcock

Ever since brand new episodes of Good Girls arrived on Netflix last month, fans have been non-stop praising the show. The comedy-drama stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta, as three women who find themselves at the centre of a bank heist and becoming criminal masterminds, and naturally fans are desperate to know if they'll be back.

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WATCH: Good Girls season 4 confirmed

Luckily, the network NBC, on which the shows airs before heading to Netflix, confirmed the exciting news that more episodes are indeed happening!

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The comedy-drama series is hugely popular with fans

In an adorable video posted to their Twitter page, the show's creators and producers can be seen in a Zoom call with the main cast members, informing them of the comedy-drama's renewal. The video was accompanied with the caption: "Criminals, can you even? The #GoodGirls will be back for Season 4 on @NBC." During the video, the programme's creator can be heard telling cast: "This is official, we can't wait to make more! We are just so incredibly grateful you guys have been such amazing supporters from day one. We're so happy and congratulations everybody!" While the stars of the show looking on, pleased and excited.


Fans are thrilled that the show is returning

Many reacted the news in the reply section underneath the Tweet, which was shared back in May. One person wrote: "BEST NEWS EVER! I'm so happy right now!" While another said: "Thank you so much. Just thank you." A third was particularly thrilled, commenting: "I have never been happier about a renewal IN MY LIFE!!! I'm so happy to see you guys back!!"

Meanwhile for the show's third season, plenty have been enjoying the episodes but, more specifically, the return of another character. Fans were particularly delighted to see Rio, played by Manny Montana, back on the scene as his complicated relationship with Beth (Christina Hendricks) is played out further. One person wrote: "I'm embarrassed to admit Rio from #GoodGirls is hot. He's got that felony swag lol." A second person tweeted: "Be right back going to re-watch the whole series just so I can drool over Rio."

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