Who plays Sven in ITV's The Durrells?

The comedy-drama has an all-star cast

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Re-watching The Durrells family on their adventures in Corfu is certainly making up for the lack of actual Grecian sun in our lives this year. The ITV show's all-star cast and gripping plot is just as good as when we watched it back in 2016.

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The comedy-drama series, which is even loved by the Queen, has the likes of Keeley Hawes, Josh O'Connor and Daisy Waterstone making up the cast. But there might be a few stars of the show that you're perhaps less familiar with. Meet Ulric von der Esch, who plays Sven, below…

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The Swedish actor plays Sven in the ITV drama

Who is The Durrells star Ulric von der Esch?

Ulric is a Swedish actor who completed his training and began his career in the United States. The 43-year-old actor began working in Broadway soon after graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, starring in shows such as The Common Pursuit and more.


Sven is a farmer on the island of Corfu

Who does Ulric von der Esch play in The Durrells?

Ulric plays the role of Sven in The Durrells. Sven is a Corfu-based farmer who comes to the aid of the Durrell family frequently throughout, and even forms a romantic relationship with Keeley Hawes' character, Louisa. The two get engaged to be married, however, it doesn't quite go as planned because (historical spoiler alert!) it was then revealed that Sven was gay and using the marriage as a cover up.


His character is the love-interest of Louisa Durrell

At the time, the actor spoke out about the sudden change in events for his character. He told What's on TV: "It's one-dimensional if he's only supposed to be the good-looking, charming guy. We've seen that a billion times before. This made for a much more interesting character, with complexity and depth."

He added: "Sven broke his own heart as well as hers. I hope people understand why he did what he did. He didn't act out of selfishness. I hope people will understand and accept it; it’s a timeless issue. Although it’s still difficult, it was a lot harder in 1935. Thankfully there's a lot of acceptance today, but back in the day it was a whole different story."

What else has Ulric von der Esch been in?

Ulric's role in The Durrells is his first major TV role on British TV, but he appeared in European series Beck and 183 Days prior to the ITV show. His most recent credit was playing Kai in horror film Lake of Death in 2019.

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