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Piers Morgan 'sickened' while interviewing serial killer in Netflix documentary

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan is now available to watch on Netflix

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Piers Morgan previously revealed that he felt "revulsion" and was "sickened" after his interview with American serial killer Alex Henriquez for a one-off special of his popular show, Serial Killer with Piers Morgan, which is now available on Netflix.

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The father-of-four, who spent two and a half hours speaking with the murdered convicted of killing a ten-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl and a 21-year-old woman, admitted that he considered his own family after sitting down with the murderer.

piers morgan killer

Piers with Alex, a serial killer responsible for three deaths

Chatting to HELLO! about the show, he said: "It's hard to hide revulsion. I have a young daughter and when you see the ages... and you see the devastation caused to so many lives by the deaths of these young people, obviously you think about your own family and how you'd feel and you feel sickened. Often I'd go home to the hotel, pour myself a large drink and have a long, long hot shower and just try and drain it out of you because you just feel sickened.

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"It's sickening, you're wallowing in the most appalling crime and misery and everything else. But when I see the families, they are always very grateful that we're doing it, that we're shining a spotlight on these people for what they did. And we're remembering their loved ones in the right, respectful way."

serial killer

Alex Henriquez is spending three life sentences in prison

The Good Morning Britain presenter revealed that he didn't waver during his questioning of the killer, despite Alex being "the most skilled liar [he's] ever interviewed". Speaking about his interview technique, he explained: "When you're in a room with them, it's a really - journalistically it's fascinating because you're trying to unlock these people and they've had a long time to think about their cover story… I was exhausted by the end of it. It was a long, long interview. Two and a half hours, longest by far that we've done.

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"He just wanted to talk and talk and talk. I think he thought if he kept talking he was going to batter me down, and that was not going to happen." Piers added that he is certain that viewers of the show will be convinced of his innocence, explaining: "I guarantee there'll be some viewers who watch it, who'll fall for it. He's very plausible and he's very charming, he used to be... very handsome, good looking guy... which makes him a fascinating killer."

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan | Piers Questions the Lies of Serial Killer Alex Henriquez | ITV

WATCH: Serial Killer with Piers Morgan clip

He added that he usually feels "apprehensive" while interviewing the serial killers, since although the prisoner is heavily guarded, they are still sat across from one another with no handcuffs or other restraints.

He said: "The last one I did - Lorenzo Gilyard, strangled up to 30 people, killed them with his bare hands and he was sitting this close to me and getting angry. He's on the loose... There are heavily armed guns off camera… I've sometimes had warnings like, if they make an attempt to attack you, then you please must let us handle it, you must not react to the prisoner."

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