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What happened to Lena Chapin from Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries?

Fans of the true-crime series have plenty of theories on what happened

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Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior TV & Film Writer
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Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix has been a trending show since it landed on the steaming platform earlier this month. The six-part series, which is a reboot of the hit US show, focuses on different cases that have been puzzling authorities and investigators over the years and, sadly, were never solved.

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unsolved episode 2© Photo: Netflix

The Netflix series have proved popular with viewers

The final episode in particular was a popular talking point among viewers. The sixth instalment in the series focused on the story of Lena Chapin, who went missing in 2006. The case gripped viewers for its seemingly unexplained scenario. So what happened and where is she now? Here's what we know…

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What happened in the Lena Chapin case?

The final episode, Missing Witness, focuses on Lena Chapin who went missing in 2006. The 20-year-old from Missouri was a mum-of-one and a shop assistant at her local Country Mart. Before she went missing, the young mum had plans to move herself and her son to Arkansas, however this wasn't to happen. What's considered significant in the case is that Lena made an allegation she was forced to dispose of her stepfather Gary McCullough's body after her mother, Sandra (Sandy) had killed him.

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lena chapin unsolved mysteries© Photo: Netflix

Lena Chapin with her sistsers as child

Sandy has always protested her innocence but the show delves into whether Lena's "confession" is legitimate and whether this lead to her disappearance three years later, or whether this was a fabricated story, to cover something else. Lena was declared missing after her sister Robin went looking for her at her apartment and found she wasn't there.

Where is Lena Chapin now?

Lena's mum, Sandy, has told friends of theirs that Lena had moved to Florida, leaving her son behind. However, investigators have not confirmed this to be, and she remains missing. Lena's mum Sandy has been a focal point in the investigation and, despite detectives finding no evidence to prove Sandy has any involvement, there was suspicion that she had orchestrated her disappearance after Lena spoke about her stepfather's death. Sandy continues to protest her innocence now, but she remains a potential suspect in the case.

lena chapin© Photo: Netflix

Lena went missing in 2006 aged 20

Where is Lena Chapin's son Colter now?

After Lena went missing, her mother Sandy gained custody of the young boy and he remains in her care to this day. One of the show's creators, Terry Meurer, told The Wrap: "Colter is [now] about 15 or 16 [years old]. From what we understand, he has been told that Sandy is not his mother, but beyond that, we don't know what the conversation has been."

What are the fans theories behind Lena Chapin's case?

Although the mystery remains unsolved, many fans enjoy taking to social media to debate their theories on what really happened to the cases in the series. One person seemed convinced that Lena's mum was involved, writing: "The Lena Chapin case isn't a mystery; it's evident that her mother killed her for two reasons. #UnsolvedMysteries."

Another person wrote: "#UnsolvedMysteries Episode on Lena Chapin is infuriating. Not that all the unsolved cases aren't messed up but all of the pieces are there and that horrible woman is raising the son of the daughter she murdered. Hope renewed attention on the case helps solve this crime." A third person commented: "Lena Chapin's case is very clear. Her mother did to her exactly what she did to her ex-husband. That's her way to get away with murder. @Unsolved."

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