Fans give their verdict after A Suitable Boy's 'unexpected' finale

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Francesca Shillcock

The final part of the story for BBC's A Suitable Boy was played out on screens on Monday evening as Lata made her decision on which 'suitable boy' to choose as her love.

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The drama has proved popular with critics and viewers throughout its run, so unsurprisingly fans took to social media to give their verdict on the final episode. Warning, spoilers ahead...

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The BBC drama came to an end on Monday evening

After Lata, played by Tanya Maniktala, decided to choose Haresh as her love over her other interests, some were surprised with the turn of events. One person wrote: "I almost thought it could be Maan, unexpected twist and after the jail scene between them. But still pleased with the final few scenes."

However, others were less surprised. Another wrote: "Aww he was such a nice boy... He tried so hard — my choice in end! Glad Lata made the choice for herself only though!! Surprised? Not really as the others sort of killed their own chances... Enjoyed it loads. You wouldn't have thought six episodes had gone."


Lata ended up choosing Haresh as her "suitable boy"

Another person added their views on the show, writing: "I wasn't sure about it when #ASuitableBoy first started but I got really into it with the last 3 episodes. Refreshing for a story to pick the 'good guy' who will let Lata grow and be herself, who loves her for her rather than either of the two 'hot' guys!"

Meanwhile, in addition to a number of viewers being surprised by Lata's choice, some of the cast members were equally as taken aback – with one star admitting they felt "cheated" after reading the end of Vikram Seth's novel. Namit Das, who plays Haresh Khanna in the drama, told Indian publication Mid Day that Vikram's ending left him "cheated", after previously thinking Lata's decision would be different. The actor admitted: "I questioned it myself when I first read the book in 2015. After 1,500 pages you feel a bit cheated with the ending."

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