Lorraine Kelly announces big changes to morning show

The presenter reacts to the new restrictions

Lorraine Kelly

In her exclusive HELLO! column, Lorraine Kelly talks about what the latest restrictions announced by Boris Johnson on Tuesday mean for her show, and why it's not so bad to talk to celebrity guests via Zoom or Skype. Read her column below...

Well it was good while it lasted.

This week, we were finally able to get guests back into the studio instead of on a Zoom call or via Skype.

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WATCH Lorraine Kelly as she reveals how the latest restrictions impact her show

We were only allowed one guest per show, but it was lovely to have people to talk to in person.

Our first real live guest was the every youthful and utterly delightful Felicity Kendall, who popped in to see us and talk about her new series "Animal A&E" featuring the work of the charity Blue Cross.

It was all short lived though.


Lorraine has good company during the show - Dr Hilary

With the new restrictions brought in this week, we've decided it will be more sensible and safer to stick to having people in their own front rooms or kitchen, rather than coming in to see me.

To be honest, I do rather enjoy having a sneaky peek at celebrity decor and their book collections and we’ve all got used to this new way of working.

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I've also been doing some interviews on Zoom from home, mostly with stars who either live in America or find themselves stuck over there.

The time difference means it can be difficult for them to appear live as it's the wee small hours in the USA when my show goes on air.


All crew members on the show were masks and social distance

I can, however pre-record our chats around teatime before in my living room while my husband Steve rustles up a meal in our kitchen and they are having a breakfast cup of coffee.

Also, I'm lucky that I'm not completely alone in the studio. There's our reduced crew, who all wear masks and social distance, and of course members of our "family" like Dr Hilary who is in every day, and Mark Heyes who does our fashion.

It's so good to see them all and we've developed an even stronger camaraderie over the last six months.

Whatever happens we will all be there every weekday at 9am to be as positive as possible and hopefully cheer up the nation.