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Honour viewers saying the same thing about ITV drama 

The story focuses on the murder of Banaz Mahmood

Emmy Griffiths

ITV's new drama Honour aired on Monday night, and tells the harrowing true story of the murder of Banaz Mahmood, who was killed by her own family in a so-called 'honour' killing for falling in love with the wrong man.

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The show stars Keeley Hawes as DCI Caroline Goode, a police detective who brought Banaz's five killers to justice, and fans were full of praise for her performance. 

WATCH: Keeley Hawes stars as DCI Caroline Goode in terrifying true-crime drama

One person wrote: "Keeley Hawes is a phenomenal actor, the amount of emotion she holds in her expressions. Also love the analyst in this; no one ever thinks about the analysts who piece things together for police. The cinematography is great too." 

Another person added: "What's brilliant is that @Misskeeleyhawes has played a police officer several times in TV drama, but each portrayal is so completely different from the last. Always unique performances." 


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Plenty of viewers also discussed the heartbreaking true story behind the difficult drama, with one writing: "Nearly two hours later and I’m still in bits. It’s not like I didn’t know about beautiful Banaz before. But seeing it on the screen has just broken me. Poor innocent girl." 


Viewers have been full of praise for Keeley

Another person added: "I remember this as if it were yesterday. I wasn’t sure I could watch it. The horror & revulsion I felt then has revisited me. I’m sickened by those 'men'. Sickened that nobody believed or helped her, even though we knew it was going on. #Honour. Don’t call it that, it’s murder." 

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A third person tweeted: "That story is chilling to the core, the fact that this is a true story is heartbreaking. The way Banaz' story is told is so carefully and brilliantly told (and acted!). You don't dare breathe, you hope that Banaz might be alive even though you know that can't happen." 

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