Gogglebox star shocks after rejecting COVID-19 rules

What do you think about the Track and Trace app?

Emmy Griffiths

Former Gogglebox star Sandra Martin has revealed that she is refusing to scan barcodes as part of the NHS Track and Trace app, causing surprise among her followers.

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Posting a video to Twitter, she said: "[Here’s] what they’re doing now… Everywhere you gotta do this barcode. Well I’m not barcoding nothing." 

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WATCH: Sandra refuses to take part in Track and Trace

She posted the video with the caption: "To Boris Johnson I Sandra Gogglebox AKA Queen Bee will rather sit in jail and write [a] book. Because am never going to take injections/vaccine/barcode/tattoo injections/or any of the government guidelines #saynomorefam." 


Sandra opened up about her opinions towards the Track and Trace app

Sandra previously spoke about her sister-in-law passing away after contracting COVID earlier this year, telling Metro: "My friend’s dad died first, then my brother’s wife died, my uncle died and my good friend from Brixton died, it is all so tragic... People need to stay home, they aren’t listening. Children aren’t listening to their parents as they aren’t paying attention to the social distancing."

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Sandra isn't the only Gogglebox star who has recently caused controversy with her comments on COVID, as Louis and Alex Michael received complaints while discussing the lockdown situation on the show. 


Sandra opened up about her thoughts on the new app

Alex said: "It just seems backwards to me because if there’s small group of people who are at risk of dying, then it should be them self-isolating, not the large group of young people. And also it should be their choice because if they’re aware of the risks and the statistics then it should be their choice whether they isolate or not. But to make everyone else put their lives on hold, it’s ridiculous."

Louis added: "It seems crazy that they were putting out all of these schemes like Eat Out To Help Out and trying basically to get everyone back to normal, and now they’re blaming young people." 

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