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The Pembrokeshire Murders: where is John Cooper's wife Pat now? 

Where is Pat Cooper now? 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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The Pembrokeshire Murders sees serial killer John Cooper's wife Pat played by Caroline Berry, but where is she now? 

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While Cooper was eventually convicted of the two double murders, and sentenced to life in prison, he was previously in prison for 11 years under a burglary charge. Tragically, Pat passed away from a heart attack on the day of his release in 2008, shortly before he was arrested once again for murder and sexual assault charges. 

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The pair tied the knot in 1966 and had two children, Adrian and Theresa. Pat, who previously had worked as a seamstress, was integral to the police investigation into her husband, as she had inadvertently turned up a pair of trousers for her husband that had originally belonged to one of his victims, Gwenda Dixon, and in doing so had trapped crucial DNA evidence in the seams of the clothes. 

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Pat inadvertantly provided crucial evidence for her husband's conviction

Speaking about their relationship, ITV Wales journalist Jonathan Hill told ITV: "[Inspector Steve Wilkins] has wrestled with Pat Cooper all the way through, because he’s very sympathetic to her and her life was a living hell.

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"It was an abusive relationship. She stayed with him, but she literally dies the night he comes out of prison. Probably because of the stress of him coming out. Whether she knew, I don’t know. Maybe in her darkest moments, she had suspicions." 

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Pat is played in the show by Caroline Berry

Speaking about the DNA, Chris added: "We found the DNA of Peter Dixon’s daughter trapped in the seam...It’s absolutely incredible to think Pat’s simple act would lead to him finally facing justice."

Speaking of Caroline in the role of Pat, executive producer Simon Heath said: "Caroline Berry is brilliant as Cooper’s put-upon wife, Pat. She’s absolutely terrified of him, unable to escape the controlling influence Cooper exerts on her, even while he resides in prison. When Cooper is finally released, her terror is palpable and leads to tragedy."

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