Fans have high praise for Too Close finale – here's the ending explained

Warning! Spoilers for Too Close ahead…

Denise Gough and Emily Watson have received glowing praise for their performances in gripping ITV mini-series Too Close, which aired on consecutive nights this week.

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The three-part drama is based on a book of the same name by Natalie Daniels and follows a forensic psychiatrist Emma Robertson (Emily Watson) who is assigned to work with Connie Mortensen (Denise Gough), who is dubbed the 'Yummy Mummy Monster' after being accused of a horrific crime.

Emma's assessment of Connie's mental state will determine whether she faces life behind bars or walks away a free woman.

The third and final instalment in the drama provided plenty of answers and had viewers glued to the screens. Here's the ending explained – but warning! Spoilers ahead…

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After episode two saw Connie's mental state drive her to set fire to the room she was being assessed in, the third episode opened with others patients being evacuated. But as the hour went on, we learnt more and more about the truth of what happened on the near-fatal night.

It was revealed that Connie had been taking strong medication in the past, but stopped when her mother sadly passed away from dementia. Connie's decision to come off the pills had devastating consequences.

The character began having vivid hallucinations in which she saw her mother beckoning her to 'safety' which then lead to the tragic moment shown at the beginning of the drama.

Connie believed her daughter and Ness' daughter to be under threat, so she put them in the back of her car and took them to the bridge, where she saw her mother once again beckoning her to safety. Connie tells the children, "It's okay, Granny is going to save us."

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Meanwhile, we also learnt more about what happened in Emma's past as her own mental state comes under scrutiny, specifically the tragic circumstances that lead to her daughter Abigail's death.

In a flashback, Emma was walking along near a park with her daughter in a pram and took a phone call without realising that the brakes were not on the buggy, which then rolled into a nearby road. Tragically, the daughter was hit by a passing lorry and died.

Although the final episode saw Connie face trial, the exact verdict was not revealed. However, Emma gave a strong case in favour of Connie, insisting that she was not of sound mind when the events on the bridge occurred.

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Viewers had high praise for the drama

At the end, viewers see a new Connie. She's grown her hair, her bruises have healed and she has clearly made positive steps forward. 

Fans had high praise for the finale and the drama as a whole. One person wrote on Twitter: "#TooClose on @ITV is the best drama I have seen in years. #DeniseGough should win every award going for her fantastic performance. Watch the full series now on ITV hub, so worth it!"

A second person said: "I've never seen a psychotic break depicted so incredibly. The acting from Denise Gough is astounding #TooClose."

A third said: "So many people tweeting about how nothing has happened and waiting for a twist, and maybe there will be one, but a harrowing piece of television about the all too true consequences of someone with trauma & mental illness not being properly treated is astounding to see. #TooClose."

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