Who is your favourite mum in Motherland? Take our poll!

Have you been watching the BBC comedy? 

Motherland is one of BBC's most popular comedies at the moment, and follows a group of mums (and dad Kevin, of course), as they go through the trials and tribulations of raising children while dealing with relationship drama, overzealous teachers, and all of the other things that come with being a parent.

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But which of the main gang at the school gates is your number one favourite? Have your say in our poll...


Take our poll and tell us your favourite Motherland character!

Motherland season three recently debuted, with all episodes available on iPlayer. One of the co-writers, Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan, opened up about creating the series, telling Virgin Media: "We wanted to say that it can be sometimes as scary as an adult starting school as it is for the kids. Youʼve got to find your tribe. And so, we wanted to put together this group of characters who became a little set of misfits." 

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Who is your favourite character?

When asked why the show ignores the good side to the parenting experience, she added: "Well, Iʼve never had that experience. I've only ever had the experience of being shambling and terrified. And I think, generally, thatʼs what I find funny, people in difficult situations trying to find a way out of it." 

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