Mare of Easttown: viewers are freaking out over episode six cliffhanger

Warning, spoiler alert for Mare of Easttown season one episode six 

What a cliffhanger! Viewers of Mare of Easttown have taken to social media in droves to discuss the jaw-dropping final moments of episode six, which saw Mare seemingly walk into a trap to arrest Billy, after thinking that he is responsible for Erin's death. 

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However, at the same time, Mare's superior Chief Carter was seen looking at a photo before urgently requesting that someone get in touch with Mare - with the episode ending before all was revealed. 

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Fans naturally were shocked by the episode, with one writing: "Nooooooooo you can’t end it there!!! #MareOfEasttown." Another added: "#MareOfEasttown is possibly the first show I haven’t binge-watched in years. This waiting a week for the next episode thing is AWFUL." A third person tweeted: "How many more plot twists can this show have?!?!" 

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The series follows Kate Winslet as Mare, a salt of the earth detective who has to investigate the murder of a young teenage mother, Erin. Needless to say, viewers have already put together their theories on who killed Erin, with one writing: "John did it. Billy helped." Another added: "Working theory: Affair between Billy & Erin.

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"Affair between John & Dylan. Erin discovers an affair between John & Dylan. John convinces Billy that all their problems go away if Erin goes away. Billy does the deed. Now all John's problems go away if Billy goes away." 

A third person wrote: "Ok theory, John was the one who killed Erin and Billy helped him get rid of the body and John manipulated Billy into thinking he killed her but really John did it and that's why John brought a gun to kill Billy on the fishing trip and then say it was self defence." 

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