Escape to the Country star Jules Hudson reveals filming difficulties

Are you a fan of the popular show? 

Escape to the Country star Jules Hudson has revealed that the ongoing bad weather throughout May has put a dampener on filming the hugely popular show. 

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Sharing a cute clip of two ducks waddling across a field in the downpour onto Twitter, Jules can be heard saying: "Well it's nice weather for ducks, not such great weather for filming in." 

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WATCH: Jules Hudson films in the rain

His fans were quick to reply, with one writing: "Soon Jules, soon. Well, according to the weather forecast!" Another added: "It'll arrive Friday or Saturday," accompanied by a sunshine emoji. 

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In Thursday's episode, Jules spent time at the Scottish Borders with a couple who want their £450,000 budget to buy a property in the country, and visits the ruins of Melrose Abbey. 

Jules joked about the mad May weather

But away from his time on TV, he's a family man at heart. In an interview with the Express in 2018, the countryside-living expert said: "My perfect day is a nice, warm, sunny Sunday with myself, my wife, my son and our dogs all out gardening having a really lazy day."

He added: "I love it when there is no one to ring, no one to bother with and we are just immersed in the practicalities of being outdoors, getting mucky and transforming the garden."

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