Outer Banks fans spot major storyline in trailer for season two 

The Pogues are back! 

Outer Banks season two trailer is here, and we couldn't be more excited to reunite with John B, Sarah and the rest of the Pogues! While the teaser revealed that John B and Sarah had of course survived their perilous boat journey, leaving their friends to think that they are dead, it also showed the romance between Kiara and Pope! 

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Sharing a screenshot of the pair leaning towards each other, one person wrote: "Haven't seen anyone talking about this, it looks like Kiara and Pope!! Which???" Another added: "Wait bc pope & kie actually look cute together, i want to see where this goes." A third person added: "I don't even need to watch the new season of @obxnetflix. Just seeing that shot of Pope and Kiara about to kiss, I'm done. No reason to watch. Too much for me to handle." 

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WATCH: Outer Banks season two is nearly here!

However, others were less impressed with the couple, with one writing: "Pope and Kiara has to be the lamest ship @obxonnetflix ever created for both characters. Yet, they'll throw it down our throat next season. Ugh! #OuterBanks." 

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The new series will be released on 30 July, and the cast have teased what to expect from the show. Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara, told Seventeen: "There’s gonna be a whole new dynamic. How do you go about life without your best friend? I think it’s going to be rough on everyone. And we’re going to have to come together and take care of each other now more than ever. But revenge is going to be on all of our minds." 

What do you think about Pope and Kiara?

Jonathan Daviss, who plays Pope, added: "Are they going to stick together as a family? Are they going to separate because of it? Is that relationship going to stick or are they going to be afraid? It’s something interesting to explore." 

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