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Every single one of the Bridgerton siblings' love stories 

Warning, spoiler ahead for the Bridgerton novels

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Before Bridgerton was a hugely popular Netflix smash hit, it was a series of books, with each one focusing on a different sibling from the Bridgerton household. While we are well aware of Daphne's romance (hello there, Duke of Hastings), what happened to the other seven? Find out here and warning, obviously there are spoiler alerts for the books series ahead... 

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Anthony Bridgerton 

The eldest son of the Bridgerton family, Anthony is known as a classic 'rake' AKA he loves the ladies but doesn't want to settle down. He eventually decides to marry, but is determined not to actually fall in love as he is convinced that he will die young. Enter Kate, new to society, who is instantly unimpressed with Anthony's efforts to woo her younger sister. 

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Benedict Bridgerton 

A Cinderella story if we've ever heard one, Benedict's love arc is all to do with Sophie Beckett, a young woman forced to the role of servant by her stepmother. However, she manages to spend one magical night feeling like a princess at a Masquerade Ball, where she meets Benedict, who instantly falls in love. Will he journey around the ton carrying her glass slipper? We'll have to wait until season three!

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Colin Bridgerton 

As hinted in season one of the Netflix show, Colin's good pal Penelope Featherington is utterly in love with him - but will he ever reciprocate her feelings for him? Well, it wouldn't be a very good romance novel if he didn't! 

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Daphne Bridgerton 

We are already well aware of Daphne's romance, but in case you are 'burning' for a recap: Daphne is struggling to find a suitor (thanks to her protective older brother), and so she makes a pact with the dashing Duke of Hastings. They will be attached to one another for the season, so other women (and their mothers) will leave him alone, and she will appear desirable to the other men. Of course, they fall in love during their scheme and go on to have a happy marriage (after some baby-related misunderstandings, that is)! 

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Eloise Bridgerton 

In the show, Eloise doesn't seem like she would ever want to marry - so which dashing London gentlemen eventually catches her eye? It turns out, none of them. After being invited to stay with a penfriend with a marriage of convenience on the cards with the gruff Phillip Crane, she finds herself falling in love despite herself. As the book synopsis reads: "Could this imperfect man be perfect for her?" 

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Francesca Bridgerton 

Meet Michael Stirling, one of London's most notorious rakes who falls desperately in love with Francesca... shortly before she was due to marry his cousin. However, following her husband's death, Francesca and Michael are left supporting one another through their grief as friends - but could it ever become more? 

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Gregory Bridgerton 

By the time the eighth and final novel was released, Gregory is now a romantic who believes in true love, and thinks that he has found it with Hermione Watson. The only problem is, Hermione loves someone else. As such, he teams up with Lucy, Hermione's best friend, to try to win her over. But is Hermione really the one he wants? And could the engaged-to-be-married Lucy ever be his? 


Hyacinth Bridgerton 

Hyacinth might be far too young to wed in the Netflix show right now - but clearly the books are ahead of us! In the seventh novel, Hyacinth is now a young woman who is much admired in the ton. After Gareth St. Clair is stuck with an Italian book he desperately needs translating, he turns to Hyacinth to help him translate it. Naturally, sparks fly. 


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