Loki viewers shocked by major plot twist that changes entire show 

We weren't expecting that plot twist!

Loki’s second episode dropped on Disney+ on Wednesday, and fans were shocked to learn not one but two major revelations! Warning, spoilers ahead of Loki episode two!

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In the latest instalment, Loki helps the TVA to track down the alternate version of himself after realising that they are hiding out in apocalyptic events in history, where nothing they say or do will alter the future.

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He finally meets the alternate version of himself, who is revealed to be a woman who has been dubbed ‘Lady Loki’ by fans, and who also sets about creating the multiverse - a famous part of the Marvel universe which is set to be the subject of the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

Is she really a version of Loki?

Speaking about the revelation on Twitter, one person wrote: “Did lady Loki just create the multiverse or I'm reading all this wrong?” Another added: “THE WAY WE ALL THOUGHT WANDA’S THE ONE WOULD  OPEN THE MULTIVERSE BUT WE WERE WRONG BCS IT’S LADY LOKI ALL ALONG.” A third person tweeted: “The Loki variant that the TVA are hunting has revealed themselves in this episode and it is Lady Loki!!” 

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However, others weren’t so sure after spotting that the character’s name is ‘Sylvie’ in the credits, another character in the MCU. Spotting the name, one person wrote: “She’s not Lady Loki and she’s not Amora. She’s Sylvie Lushton. That’s why she’s blonde.” 

Fans of the new show also shared various theories, with one tweeting: “The TVA are actually the antagonists and Lady Loki wants revenge because the TVA destroyed her universe and they go around destroying other timelines in order to preserve the ‘proper flow of time’ which explains why they have a lot of infinity stones.” Interesting! 

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