In the Heights fans are swooning over this Anthony Ramos moment

The Broadway star has blown us all away

In The Heights was released in UK cinemas on 18 June and naturally the musical soundtrack quickly made its way to TikTok. The film is an adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's 2005 stage musical, with New York's Latin community taking to the streets in electrifying dance numbers with scenes full of romance, hope and neighbourhood unity.

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Despite the powerful message of fighting discrimination which is woven throughout the film, many fans are rather engaged with lead actor, Anthony Ramos, and specifically the way he performs one line in the film. 

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He sings: "Don't make me laugh, I've been trying all night, you've been shaking your ass for like half of the Heights!" If you haven't heard this one lyric yet, you may be on the wrong side of TikTok! 


“For like half of DA HEIghtS” 🤌 #fypシ

♬ BLACKOUT. Thekatiebradshaw - KATIE ♡︎

Have you seen the scene that everyone is obsessed with? @wemove_38

Anthony plays Usnavi, the protagonist and film's narrator who is tied to his neighbourhood and his lover, Vanessa. Fans are swooning over his sexy delivery and performance in the number, Blackout. 

They have taken to social media to express their love for that one line. One person tweeted that "the feminism leaves their body" when they listen to it or that despite not watching the film, a second said that "Anthony Ramos has a grip" on their life.

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Anthony Ramos and Melissa Barrera as Usnavi and Vanessa

On TikTok, users are reacting to the line with many expressing how the lyric is addictive and stuck in their head, although the words are rather misogynistic. It has even become a trend with TikTok addicts performing both the male and female lines to the song.

One fan said: "TikTok is blowing up with that one part of Blackout and I am extremely pleased that Anthony Ramos is finally getting the recognition that he deserves." 

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Anthony radiates charm in his role as Usnavi and it seems as if fans are drawn to his charismatic and excitable, yet naïve, persona. With fans drooling over the actor it seems as if In The Heights is becoming increasingly popular with the fast-paced soundtrack continuing to take over users' 'for you pages' on TikTok in an exuberant manner.

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