BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker told off by Louise Minchin for surprising reason

Dan was pinching himself to stay awake! 

Louise Minchin gave her BBC Breakfast co-star Dan Walker a jokey telling off after he stifled a yawn during Monday’s show! The presenter admitted that he had hardly slept at all following the Euros final between England and Italy - and it certainly showed!

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During the episode, Dan said: “We are trying our best to put a smile on your face for our England fans this morning,” then yawned, as Louise said: "Did I just catch you yawning then?"

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WATCH: Louise pokes fun at Dan for yawning

Laughing, he replied: “No, I'm just trying to scratch my arm and pinch myself a bit to keep myself awake… I still think it was there, it was on the plate – Italy at two penalties, saved by Jordan Pickford for two penalties, when are you gonna get a chance to win a major final when the team you're playing against only score three penalties?”

He later told Sally that he hadn’t slept at all, saying: “I was lying in bed at 1.30 am and was thinking about what Gareth Southgate could have done differently, who should have taken the penalties, trying to think of the positives… And then I woke up at 3 o'clock, ready to go at 3 o'clock like normal.”

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Dan previously tweeted about the match, writing: “Completely in bits. Congratulations Italy. It ended in that well-known brutal way but it’s been wonderful to see my children find their love of football over the last few weeks. This team have achieved so much on & off the pitch. Broken but proud.”

Dan remained upbeat despite having no sleep

Addressing the actions of football hooligans following the match, he added: “If #EURO2020 has got you into football, it’s disappointingly familiar to be mortified by the behaviour of a small number of fooligans.It’s also normal to not allow the bruises of the past to crush your dreams that… one day… it could happen. Win together. Lose together.”

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