Charmed star saves uncle’s life after terrifying car crash 

She alluded to the accident on Twitter

Charmed star Alyssa Milano reportedly saved her uncle’s life after he suffered a heart attack while driving, causing an accident as the car drifted into another lane and hit a SUV. 

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In a press release, California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that they were “able to bring the Ford to a stop between the #1 and #2 lanes... with the assistance of a good Samaritan”. TMZ reported that Alyssa gave her uncle CPR until the paramedics came, and he is currently still in hospital. 

Alyssa is best known for playing Phoebe in Charmed

While the actress has yet to confirm exactly what happened, she did a post on Twitter alluding to the incident, writing: “We should all take every opportunity we have to protect the people we love. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Lock up your guns. Learn CPR. Small, common-sense actions. It’s not hard to take care of each other, but it is important.”

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Her fans were quick to show their support, with one writing: “Those really are good things to know/practice. Some prevent accidents, some save lives after accidents. And of course, some save lives. Thanks.” Another added: “Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope your uncle will be okay.  I hope you're okay.” A third person tweeted: “I hope your uncle makes a speedy recovery, @Alyssa_Milano! Prayers and healing thoughts to him!” 

Alyssa reportedly saved her uncle's life

Alyssa played Phoebe in the hit series Charmed, and recently spoke out after the show’s creator slammed the series as being “bad for the world” after the network wanted more nudity on the show. Tweeting in response to the comments, Alyssa wrote: “Well, this absolutely broke my heart. I hope we didn't make something that was 'bad for the world' for eight years. I think we gave permission to a generation of women to be themselves and to be strong and own their sexuality. I'm so proud of what this show meant to so many.”

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