Monty Don worries Gardeners' World fans with latest post

The TV presenter has a loyal following

Monty Don has a very loyal following thanks to his horticulture and television work – so it's perhaps unsurprising that his fans were left worried after a recent post on social media.

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The Gardeners' World star paid tribute to a long-time colleague on his Twitter by sharing a photo of a cameraman, alongside the caption: "The superb Gerry Dawson with assistant/runner Noah filming today in the garden.

"I have worked with Gerry for the past 23 years and it has been an unremitting privilege and pleasure." But many of Monty's followers read this tweet as a prompt that he was set to leave the BBC programme.

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"Stop tweeting like you're about to call it a day, Monty!", wrote one fan in reply, adding in a follow-up tweet: "You just get the feeling that an announcement is coming. More episodes this series have been presented by Adam and the rest of the team, but we can't grumble. We've had many years of Monty and need to be grateful."

Another tweeted: "Sounds as if you're leaving Monty!!!" as a third wrote: "Hmmm that reads like someone who is calling it a day??"

However, Monty was quick to reassure his fans by responding to one tweet directly which asked if he is about to wave goodbye to the show. "No, no plans to leave. Stuck with me a while longer I am afraid," the presenter insisted, which naturally prompted a relieved response from followers.

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Monty shared this photo on his Twitter

Last week, Monty welcomed royalty onto Gardeners' World for a very special episode. The Duchess of Cornwall appeared alongside Monty in his garden in Herefordshire, sharing gardening stories and anecdotes.

Camilla even declared gardening a "spiritual experience" but she also confessed to having a pest problem. Talking about her stunning outdoor space, the royal said: "I've got a little bit of a woodland garden that I've started and I would love to build that up more. I would love to put down swathes of bulbs, and I would also like to have a proper wildflower meadow." 

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