Escape to the Country's Jules Hudson reveals 'hard lesson' after being scammed

The TV personality said the offer was too good to be true 

Escape to the Country star Jules Hudson has admitted that he was once scammed online - and that it was a "hard lesson" for him.

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Speaking to the Financial Mail on Sunday last year, he revealed he had purchased a large purchase off of eBay - and was cheated out of a tidy sum of money in the process. 

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When asked his biggest money mistake, he told the publication: "I once bought a quad bike for £1,600 on eBay thinking it was too good to be true – and it was. I was ripped off by a scammer in Spain. I transferred the money directly into his account and learnt a hard lesson. That bike never existed."

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He opened up about how he is usually frugal, explaining: "My parents are careful with money and I have tried to follow their example and not take too many risks."

Speaking more about his parents, he said: "My dad was an engineer and my mum ran a bed and breakfast. I'd say we were comfortably off. They put me through boarding school, but we were by no means wealthy – we weren't the sort of family who went to Spain every year." 

Jules was scammed after trying to buy a bike on eBay

Jules lives in Hertfordshire with his partner, Tania Fitzgerald, and their young son, Jack. The pair also share two Labradors, Teddy and Iolo. According to Jules' website, the show's host is also a "keen countryman and craftsman". It reads: "Jules spends his spare time renovating his period home and garden in Herefordshire and rescuing old furniture." 

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Jules pursued a career in television after quitting the army, and revealed to the Express that he went back into training in 2017, saying: "Last year, I went back again to be commissioned in the Royal Engineers and that was the bravest thing I’ve ever done.

"It was pretty daunting. I did come out the other end okay but most of my comrades were half my age." 

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