Grantchester star talks ‘volatile’ relationship between Geordie and Will in season six 

Are you enjoying Grantchester season six? 

There is trouble ahead in Grantchester, as it looks like Geordie and Will, played by Robson Green and Tom Davenport respectively, will have their friendship tested as they are unable to see eye-to-eye after an old friend of Geordie’s arrives. 

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Chatting about their friendship in the new series, Robson said: “Their relationship becomes incredibly volatile and that has consequences. It’s all about Geordie not seeing the world how Will sees it and Will not seeing the world how Geordie sees it and conflict occurs. 

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“Will sees the world how it ought to be whereas Geordie’s philosophy is that marching for peace is about as much use as praying for it, he doesn’t believe that we can sort problems out by confiding in an invisible friend. This causes real problems between Will and Geordie.”

We hope they patch things up!

He continued: “The friend that turns up from Geordie’s past really jeopardises the relationship between Will and Geordie to the point of fracturing their relationship. The only person who can relate is the person that went through the same things that Geordie did and he is the only one that he can turn to.” 

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Tom added: “As the series progresses we find out that Will has been keeping something from Geordie which threatens to destroy their whole friendship. We also see Geordie being drawn down a very dark path when someone from his past comes back into his life and Will tries his hardest to bring him back from the brink. 

“Their friendship is being torn apart with someone else trying to pull Geordie away from Will, things don’t look good for them.” Uh oh! 

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