Succession: the story so far ahead of season three

Everything you need to know about the return of the Roy family 

Succession is set to return to our screens on 17 October, and if you’re anything like us, you couldn’t be more excited to return to the machinations of the incredibly wealthy - but morally bankrupt - Roy family, particularly considering the major season two cliffhanger. 

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The main drama 

However, it has been a while since season two was released, so we thought you might need some reminders of what went down in season two, and where your favourite characters are at right now. Get the ultimate breakdown of the story so far here… 

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In season two, Kendall is suffering after accidentally being involved in the death of a teenager, which was then covered up by his father. Dropping out of the ‘bear hug’ that would have forced Logan to hand over the keys to Waystar Royco, Kendall becomes his father’s lackey - doing what Logan tells him while struggling with depression and partaking in petty theft and drugs. 

However, after a huge scandal involving Waystar Royco’s cruise ships calls for a “blood sacrifice” in order for it to go away, Logan decides that Kendall is the one who has to take the fall, which would result in prison time. He tells Kendall that he never thought that he was up for the role of CEO, as he doesn’t have the killer instinct needed. 

Kendall attends the press conference which was intended to see him falsely confess to wrongdoing at the company, but shocks the world by instead declaring that his father was the responsible party - and that he even had proof that his father was well aware of the cover-ups thanks to cousin Greg, who managed to hide some of the evidence before it was burnt. In the final moments of the episode, watching Kendall attempt to destroy him on television, Logan slowly smiles - hinting that he is impressed that Kendall had the killer instinct all along. 

Where are the other characters at? 

Shiv Roy 

Although Logan’s offer for Shiv to take over the company is taken back, Shiv proves her loyalty to her father and to Waystar Royco by convincing a key witness to withdraw her testimony from the cruise trial, while Logan’s new choice for a CEO, Rhea Jarrell, quits over the moral implications. Shiv’s marriage to Tom finally breaks down as he is shocked by her suggestion that he would be a good candidate to go to prison over the cruise scandal, leading him to suggest that he thinks he would be happier without her. 

Connor Roy 

Connor has had political ambitions, determined that he will be a President of the United States while bringing together a passionate fanbase of ‘Con-heads’. Meanwhile, his mistress Willa’s play receives horrendous reviews, essentially ruining Connor, who asks his father for a payout. However, Logan only agrees to pay if Connor drops out of the run for President. So what will he decide? 

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Roman Roy 

Roman is currently his father’s golden boy after realising that a potential ‘White Knight’ deal wasn’t going to work out (after briefly being held hostage in Turkey). He stepped up to the plate and proved himself as a grown-up, which is exactly what his father wanted him to do. Will season three be his turn to be the potential successor? Let’s not forget, Roman also has a somewhat unusual relationship with Geri, so we can’t wait to see where their pairing takes him in season three. 

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