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Exclusive: New Amsterdam's Jocko Sims reveals what comes next after that shocking episode

Jocko Sims spills the beans

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Rebecca Lewis
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New Amsterdam fans were given a bombshell on Tuesday's episode, when Dr. Lyn Malvo told her lover, Dr. Floyd Reynolds, that she was in love with him and it was time to come clean to her husband - Reynolds' boss.

EXCLUSIVE: Jocko Sims opens up on New Amsterdam's 'network television first: I didn't see this coming'

But Jocko Sims, who has played Reynolds for four years on the hit NBC series, has teased what comes next, admitting that Malvo's husband "will find out" and that it's time for Reynolds to "get settled and move into the next phase of his life".

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The story arc has seen Reynolds and Malvo circle each other since meeting in season three when she revealed after their first meeting that she was married.

Reynolds then found out that Malvo and her husband - Dr. Claude Baptiste - have a standing arrangement that when he is out of town they have an open marriage.

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Yet their connection has been so strong that Malvo has broken her arrangement, and kept seeing Reynolds.

Her vulnerability in episode four will "have an effect" on Reynolds, says Jocko: "Even in episode two we saw her angry with Reynolds for that moment and he didn't know why. He is trying to figure this out, there is an audacity element, 'aren't you the one committing adultery?'

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Malvo's husband "will find out" says Jocko

"But she is a human and has emotions so in that episode you saw a turning point with understanding each other and the complexity of the relationship."

As for what Malvo's admission means for Reynolds' moving forward, Jocko adds: "I want to see him happy and not so conflicted.

"I know it's good for the drama to leave things unresolved but I think we are at the point where we are on the verge of wearing the story out with him being lost when it comes to love, we've got to get him settled and moving into the next phase of his life."

Reynolds has only ever wanted a traditional marriage and family, and Jocko believes those are things his character does still want: "I hope he gets it. I would love to see him grow and start a family.

"I'd love to see him as a father - he would be fantastic - and I think that is still there but I think this needs to be resolved quickly."

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Is this the end for the pair?

And whether his entanglement with Malvo and the fallout with Baptiste will force him to reconsider his future at the hospital, Jocko says he doesn't believe Reynolds would take that risk again.

At the end of season two, he left New Amsterdam to follow his fiance Evie to San Francisco but "family and the hospital bought him back and I don't think he is willing to make that mistake again".

"Even though his actions indicate he's falling for Malvo, I would hope he learns from that experience [with Evie]."

New Amsterdam airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 9/8c

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