Sanditon has a mindblowing connection to Bridgerton season two

The two rival Regency era dramas share more than just filming locations…

We have a strong feeling that if you're a fan of Bridgerton, you've no doubt also been loving the latest season of Sanditon, given that the two shows bear quite a lot of similarities as rather racy period dramas which saw their leading men depart at the end of their respective first seasons.

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But did you know that the two rival Regency era dramas share a rather surprising familial connection too? Justin Young, who works as head writer on the Jane Austen-inspired drama, is actually brothers with Rupert Young, who plays the new young Lord Featherington in the latest season of the Netflix show. 

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Speaking in a new interview, Justin opened up about finding out that his sibling had been cast as one of Bridgerton's newest stars. He told Salon: "Just after we got recommissioned for season two, and I was really happy, my dear brother came round and he said, 'I don't know how to tell you this, but I've just been cast in season two  of Bridgerton.'"

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He joked: "Imagine my mother right now; she's got to choose. Which one does she think is better? Which son has made a better show, is it Bridgerton or Sanditon?"

Bridgerton actor Rupert Young is brothers with Sanditon's head writer

However, he added that there was no bad blood between the two. He explained: "I'm being facetious because they are different, and I really respect what they do on Bridgerton," he said. "The two shows are so different, in many respects, tonally and stylistically.

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"In a funny way, a lot of the things we got criticized for with season one– that we were a bit irreverent, that we were too sexy – Bridgerton just came in and they did all those things ten times over. But we're judged on slightly different standards I think because we've got Jane Austen in our title and Andrew Davies is on board."

Sanditon wrapped its second season this weekend (warning, spoilers ahead!) and ended on a dramatic cliffhanger that saw Rose William's heroine Charlotte Heywood's hopes of a future with the Mr Darcy-esque Alexander Colbourne dashed.

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Following their kiss in the penultimate episode, Alexander unceremoniously fired Charlotte as a governess to his children after being convinced by Colonel Lennox that the pair would not be happy together.

He and Charlotte subsequently parted on bad terms, and although he tried to win her back, the episode ended with Charlotte engaged - to another man. As a result, Alexander decided to leave town, leaving many viewers wondering if he will ever return.

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