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Succession: fans react as Logan’s successor is finally revealed

Warning, spoilers from the beginning of the article on Succession season 3 episode 4 

Succession: fans react as Logan’s successor is finally revealed
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Succession episode four had a lot to get through as it examined the fallout of the explosive episode three, in which the show’s patriarch and main antagonist Logan Roy (Brian Cox) dies suddenly while en route to close the deal with GoJo. The Waystar and Royco’s founder’s death meant grieving - and opening some documents revealing his wishes for the company… 

Since this has been a show focused on Logan’s four children as each of them vets for the position of CEO at their father’s company (therefore receiving their dad’s deeply coveted approval), the episode finally reveals who Logan actually had to mind to take over - or did it? 

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During a memorial gathering at Logan’s Fifth Avenue mansion, Karl, Frank and Gerri come across notes Logan has left on his successor in the event of his death, which have been annotated with pencilled-in annotations. Although there is no clear time stamp on when the notes were made, it declares that - at least at some point - Logan named Kendall (Jeremy Strong) to be his successor. 

However, the thrill of discovering that Ken was who Logan wished to take over is short-lived, as Shiv (Sarah Snook) pointed out, his name underlined could also have been a crossing out - and these notes could have been jotted down before Kendall put his best efforts into ruining their father’s life. 

With the sale of Waystar Royco inching ever closer, who will end up on top? © Home Box Office
With the sale of Waystar Royco inching ever closer, who will end up on top?

However, that didn’t stop fans from being delighted by the revelation - and Kendall’s posting as co-CEO with his brother Roman (Kieran Culkin), even though he immediately goes behind his siblings’ backs to blackmail Hugo into spreading lies about his father for a smoother takeover. 

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Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "I don’t care that he just betrayed his siblings and threatened his coworker, Kendall Roy is MY baby girl forever," while another added: "I used to think Kendall was the only Roy that was deep down good while the rest of them were evil but it’s actually Roman that’s deep down good while Kendall is about to become so evil." 

A third person shared a photo of Kendall from before and after being made CEO, tweeting: "Kendall Roy at the start and the end of Episode 4, he's UP LET'S [expletive] GOOOOOO." 

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