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Knock-out gorgeous: beauty treatments to get you red carpet ready

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We all want to look as good as the stars, and this awards season has left us lusting after the red carpet treatment all over again. With this in mind HELLO! Online have the tips and tricks to get you red carpet ready at home.

Looking as elegant as ever, Emily Blunt has been impressing her fashion fans this January by wearing fabulously-fitted gowns to both the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards.

Emily Blunt


Opting for high-necked, sleeveless numbers to both events, the Looper actress also showed off her lithe arms in a structured peplum dress as she attended the London Critics' Circle Film Awards in her hometown.Stealing the limelight as she posed with arched, tone arms at the camera, the 29-year-old looked radiant. Known to be an avid fan of pilates, following in Emily's footsteps with just a couple of fitness sessions a week could leave you feeling leaner than ever.Alternatively, for an at-home bingo-wing buster workout, try this quick sequence.Get into push-up position on knees, hands directly beneath shoulders with a light dumbbell in left hand. Engaging your core area to stabilise your position, raise left arm straight out to the side, parallel to floor. Hold for a second, then slowly lower to start position and repeat. Do a series of ten reps, then switch arms.

Anne Hathaway & Samantha Barks

The leading ladies of this year's epic musical, Les Miserables, similarly showed off fabulously toned shoulders as Anne Hathaway and Samantha Barks both sported back-baring dresses on the red-carpet of the film's long awaited premieres. It may not be a part of your body that you see, or expose, very often but the secret to a great back is to banish blemishes, dry patches and tone up with a few press-ups each morning. Hydration is the key to keeping your skin glowing and soft to touch. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and moisturise your entire body morning and night. Putting your back first is also a great excuse for treating yourself to a massage as de-stressing your muscles will also stimulate the lymphatic drainage of the area.

Lea Michele & Eva Longoria

In side-split dresses at the Golden Globes, it was all about having silky smooth legs for Eva Longoria and Lea Michele.Body brushing and exfoliation can tackle the scaliest of skin, but it's also great for improved circulation and blood flow – leaving you glowing. Always remember to shave or wax a day before you apply a final polish of fake tan. Just a touch of colour can define and contour your thighs and calves, leaving the effect of taut, toned legs worthy of any athlete.

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