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US actress is a double take on Kate

February 1, 2013
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With glossy mahogany curls, groomed dark brows and a dazzling smile it's easy enough to mistake the new girl on the block, American actress Allison Williams, for our very own Duchess of Cambridge.

Star in the US television hit show, Girls, Allison now plays a graduate struggling for a role in the art industry – all sounding rather alike Kate Middleton before she met her Prince.

Allison Williams & Kate Middleton


The similarities are uncanny. The two ladies are experts at achieving the polished makeup look that, more often than not, focuses on a perfect application of eyeliner and chic nude lip combo. Of course this is all topped off with tumbling brunette waves that frame their faces – finished in true Duchess style with an infamous Chelsea-style blow dry.Daughter of American NBC news channel host, Brian Williams, the 24-year-old actress and comedienne is an expert in her own right at dressing and styling democratically for any occasion.The Girls star and Duchess may be separated by the Atlantic, but their fashionable wardrobes have much closer ties. A shared love for sleek-cut, shift dresses that show off the knee, and the understated elegance of simple jewellery has stood them in good stead amongst fashion critics and friends.

Kate Middleton & Allison Williams

They're so alike that the sharp-tongued part-time comedienne has even been seen impersonating Kate online. On the website, Funny or Die, Allison puts an all-American take on the Duchess' super British mannerisms in a series called Will & Kate: Before Happily Every After, looking at the year before the Royal Wedding.The show was so popular, in fact, that the Kate look-a-like was also recently invited on a chat show to act out a re-play with host, Jimmy Kimmel.Do you think Allison looks like Kate?

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