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Gigi Hadid's make-up line inspired by her best friends

The model has launched her first range of products with Maybelline

gigi hadid makeup
October 23, 2017
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Gigi Hadid took inspiration from her best friends when designing her debut beauty collection. The American model was tapped as a brand ambassador for cosmetics brand Maybelline in 2015, and launched her first range of products earlier this month. The Gigi x Maybelline line is comprised of 30 limited-edition items, including the Jetsetter Palette, and Gigi has now shared that she was paid tribute to her pals with the collection.

"There are lipstick colours that are inspired by my friends and named after them," she told, explaining that the deep mauve "Erin" lipstick and lipliner was named for make-up artist Erin Parsons, while the pale nude version was dubbed "McCall" for her best pal McCall Koenig.

gigi hadid maybelline

Gigi's make-up collection is split into two categories; the East Coast Glam line features fresh takes on nude hues, such as a matte lipstick and tinted primer, while the West Coast Glam range is a little more glamorous, and features metallic eyeshadows, black mascara and a scarlet red lipstick. And the 22-year-old was determined to stick with a simple aesthetic, following the advice of her model and reality TV star mother Yolanda Hadid.

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"She always went out with a very simple look and that's where I learned from. I think you can have fun with it and experiment, but if you do it in a subtle, chic way then it usually turns out better," the blonde beauty said.

gig hadid makeup maybelline

Meanwhile, Gigi added that she's not worried about competition within the beauty market, with celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian recently launching their own brands. In fact, the model has already tried out her competitor's products for herself and has nothing but praise.

"I'm a huge fan of all the collections that came out this year. Everyone does such a good job of making products that make so much sense for who they are," she smiled.

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