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Kylie Jenner reveals why she changes her hair colour frequently

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When it comes to her hair, Kylie Jenner has experimented with all colours of the rainbow including grey and pastel shades in recent years – and now the 18-year-old has revealed why she undergoes hair makeovers so frequently. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star confessed that she has an "addiction" to trying new looks because they make her "feel like a new person".

blonde© Photo: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner has dyed her hair various shades including blonde

"I first dyed my hair when I was 16," she confessed in a post on her app. "I dyed it blue and I never even asked my mom. After that, I've just had this addiction to changing my hair. It makes me feel like a new person. I love feeling different and I love leaving the house knowing that nobody has ever seen me this way."

From long bright green hair to shoulder-length turquoise locks or blonde waves, every one of Kylie's makeovers has been equally as show-stopping as the one before, and the reality TV star admitted that she doesn't see the point in repeating a look.

kylie jenner© Photo: Getty Images

The young star admitted she turns to wigs to avoid damaging her hair

"It's hard for me to go back to different styles I've worn before; I don't always like my normal short, black hair," she revealed. "That look makes me feel like I'm going back in time. It's like I'm going back to that moment a year ago and I just don't want to be in that space."

So many changes to her hair colour could end up damaging her tresses, so Kylie came up with a handy solution.

green© Photo: Getty Images

Kylie recently unveiled her showstopping new green hair colour

"I’ve had to find ways to really try and take care of it and give it a rest," she explained. "I discovered this amazing wig guy, Tokyo, and together we create wigs. Wigs are just SO much easier because I change my mind so much and this way I’m not damaging my hair."

Since then, Tokyo has been behind some of Kylie's most drastic makeovers – including a recent appearance during New York Fashion Week when the young star stepped out rocking long, mint green hair.