Suki Waterhouse reveals why she's changed her haircare routine

She's conquered the modelling world and now Suki Waterhouse is setting her sights on big screen stardom. HELLO! beauty editor Nadine Baggott sat down with the beautiful up-and-coming actress to find out her secrets for great hair; a clear complexion… and detoxing after Glastonbury.

Many models can be almost disappointing in real life – their faces too much like a blank canvas, so that at first you only see them as extraordinarily tall, very young women. But Suki Waterhouse is different. For a start, she is more beautiful in the flesh; as if the camera cannot quite capture her spirit, her flawless skin and her wide-eyed, Cupid's bow doll-like features. So it comes as no surprise at all to find out that modelling is not her first love – acting is. But with a huge contract just signed up for Redken, her deal with Burberry still firmly in place and the lead role in an upcoming thriller romance film starring Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves, she is on course to become one of those rare women – a model who is also a successful actress.


Suki Waterhouse revealed her beauty secrets

Being named as Redken's new ambassador must have been really exciting. How have you found working with the brand?

"I really shouldn't admit this, but I was actually terrible with hair products. I'd never really used proper hair products before, so to be honest it has been a real education – I've discovered that hair products can actually make your hair better [laughs]. Now I put on Diamond Oil before I have a blow-dry, to moisturise my hair and protect it, and Pillow Proof, which is this perfect mix of hairspray and dry shampoo. It's my favourite because I never want to shampoo my hair – I just want it bigger and bigger and more and more tousled. So if I can get away with using that, I will, as it stops it getting greasy."

You sound pretty low-maintenance when it comes to your hair…

"Yes I am. I even cut my own hair at times; I have been known to disappear into the bathroom and cut my own fringe – not something I would recommend. But the only way to keep my hair looking good is to use a mask, because in this business your hair gets beyond battered by all the styling and heat and colour changes. In future, I intend to go to George Northwood for a cut and his sister Sally for my colour."

Have you always been blonde?

"I come from a family of blondes. I have a younger brother and two younger sisters and we are all blonde. I went brunette once for a film and really liked it – it matched my eyebrows for once."

Talking of your brows, they are something of a signature for you. Have you ever been tempted to pluck them?

"No, but look closely and you will see that they are four different colours because they keep getting dyed. They are like tiger brows right now. I don't put any colour in them, I just keep them groomed with Anastasia brow gel."

I'm mesmerised by your incredibly long lashes. Are they real?

"Yes, they are. To be honest, I think it's the amazing Serge Lutens mascara in brown, then the clear on top. I can't take any credit – my make-up artist introduced me to them."

Do you have a signature scent?

"Burberry Brit Rhythm. I spent three days filming the campaign for Burberry and everything I had with me ended up smelling of the scent and now it's become a part of me."

Suki revealed she is low maintenance when it comes to her hair

I shared a cab with your father, world-famous reconstructive surgeon Norman Waterhouse, the other day and he pointed out your pictures in the window of Burberry in Knightsbridge…

"Really? That is so sweet. He'd never do that in front of me. I am so proud of him. He is more than a triple threat: his work as a surgeon is incredible; his charity Facing the World offers reconstructive work here in the UK for children born with facial disfigurement around the globe: and I've just attended an amateur charity boxing match where he boxed. Seriously."

What is your top skincare tip?

"I often do a raw honey mask. I just apply it to freshly cleansed skin for a few minutes then rinse off – it leave my face so soft. And if my skin is irritated and red, especially around the nose and mouth, then I rely on HealGel; my father helped to create it."

And the best beauty advice you have ever been given?

"Georgia [Jagger]'s mum [Jerry Hall] says you have to force yourself to drink more water. It's boring but it works."

Where do you go for a great facial?

"In LA I see a facialist called Shani Darden, who looks after Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jessica Alba – she has got me into iS Clinical and her own retinol once a week. In London I go to my dad's clinic, Waterhouse Young, and have the hyaluronic or oxygen facial. I've come to know what works for me."

What's your biggest beauty bugbear?

"Too much make-up. I hate it when faces are covered in it."

The model shared her beauty must-haves: scroll below for the full list

How do you stay in shape?

"I used to be really into personal training but I've realised that I don't have to do so much as I am constantly running around. Nowadays, I'm more interested in workouts that make me less stressed because then I can clear my head. So I like yoga and running. I don't have to run far, just for half an hour, and I come back with so many ideas. The only problem is I have to stop and write to-do lists on my phone."

Do you believe that great models are born or made?

"I think the true greats are born with what it takes. But add to that good luck and timing. Today there are so many different types of model – supermodels, famous models on Instagram, catwalk models. My model icon growing up was Kate Moss. She goes beyond being a model – she is more rock star. I mean, she is not allowed into America – that is so rock star. She is the epitome of cool."

You travel a lot – where, for you, is home?

"I hadn't been in London for seven months, then I came back and moved back into my parents' place and instantly realised I needed to find somewhere of my own. So I have just bought my first flat. I love it, but my brother and sisters have keys too."

How do you rest and relax?

"This summer I went to the Mayr Clinic in Austria for five days with my mother to detox. It was super-relaxing and restful. I went straight after Glastonbury, so I ended up sleeping for most of the time. I am still on their base powder alkalising drink. I drink it whenever I'm busy or travelling."

The Bad Batch is your most high-profile film so far. What can you tell me about it?

"Well, I play the lead and the other characters are my lovers. It's a thriller, horror, romance set in Texas, but we filmed it in LA. All I can say is that it's a dystopian love story and that cannibals are involved."

Who are your acting role models?

"Alicia Vikander and Marion Cotillard."

What was the last film you loved watching?

"Steve Jobs – it's one of the best films ever made."

And the last song you danced to?

"Right now it always seems to be Shake it Off by Taylor Swift."

Any plans for Christmas?

"To be at home with my family, then off to Barbados straight after, with my family as well."

Warehouse winners: Suki shares her favourite buys

1. Burberry Brit Rhythm EDT 90ml, £69, visit
2. Serge Lutens Mascara, £36, from Harvey Nichols
3. Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Mask, £18.40, from
4. HealGel Intensive, £37.50, visit
5. Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry, £32.50, from
6. Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two day Extender, £13.70, from
7. Burberry Lip Mist in Pink Heather, £22.50
8. iS Clinical Active Serum, £112, from
9. Lancôme Bi-Facil Make-up Remover, £21.50, visit "I have to admit that I sometimes sleep in my make-up. I keep this by the bed with some cotton wool pads so I can roll over and take it off."

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