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How to get thicker hair - 8 top tips to get fuller hair

We're all after some extra oomph in her hair - so we've compiled some top tips to help get bigger, bouncier locks...

get thicker hair
Alex Light
Alex LightBody Work Columnist
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We’ll stop at nothing in our quest for the kind of thick hair that you see on a Victoria’s Secret model… Because who wouldn't want those big, bouncy locks? Most of us are after extra oomph when it comes to our hair, and while actually making it thicker is difficult to achieve, the look of bigger hair is easy if you take note of some top tips…

1. Invest in a good haircut

A good cut can make or break the difference between hair looking fuller or thinner. If your hair is naturally thin, opt for a shorter look and aim for a strong shape. Avoid too many layers – this can create the illusion of thinner hair.

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2. Get your hair in top condition

Anything that damages the hair will cause it to look thinner. Avoid bleaching and overheating – this will lead to thin and brittle locks. Instead, try keeping your hair as close to its natural colour as possible and using a gentle heated appliance to style.

3. Use Velcro rollers

After drying, place a few Velcro rollers on the crown of your head. Leave them in while you're getting ready and, just before taking them out, spritz on some texturizing spray for maximum bounce. This creates volume at the root and gives the illusion of bigger hair.

4. Replace some washes with dry shampoo

Did you know it's actually not good to wash your hair every day, and you'll achieve instant fullness with a good dry shampoo. Apply it before you go to sleep – as you move around in your sleep, the oils in your hair will absorb the dry shampoo and give you a natural bounce.

5. Get savvy with products

Products are a great way to improve the volume of your locks. Umbert Giannini has launched a new Thick-tastic 90 Day Programme which promises to give you bigger, bouncier hair in, well, 90 days. The range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, tonic and split ends cream and its star ingredient, Amino Acid Arginine, is known for its stimulating benefits… All without parabens. It's available now in Boots, prices start at £7.

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6. Invest in a good quality thickening tonic. 

We recommend Aveda, which is proven to make hair look thicker after just one use. It's super easy to use and is 97 per cent naturally derived.

7. Get your vitamins

Your overall health can have an impact on the condition of your hair. If you have deficiencies in minerals such as zinc or iron, the growth and thickness of your locks will be stunted.

8. Have a massage

It's important to keep the hair follicles stimulated as this will encourage thicker growth. Indulge in a weekly head massage and not only will your tresses benefit but you'll feel relaxed, too!

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