Peter Andre apologises for latest Instagram post

Oh wow, Pete!

Peter Andre has confessed he can only apologise after sharing a hilarious throwback photo on Instagram. The Mysterious Girl singer took fans back to the nineties, uploading a picture of himself rocking his signature spikey bangs. Peter famously loved his curtain fringe back in the day and in this retro photo, the dad-of-four completed his look with a black turtleneck jumper, gold hoop earrings and a camera-ready pout.

"All I can do is apologise," Peter told his 998,000 Instagram followers, adding the hashtags #thoughtitlookedgoodatthetime and #throwbackthursdayeventhoughitswednesday. Every now and then, the chart-topper entertains his fans with retro snaps. Back in January, he posted a photo from when he had seriously long hair that was almost styled into a bob. "Don't ask cos I just can't explain," he quipped.

Peter entertained fans with his throwback photo

Despite making headlines in the nineties for his relationship with Katie Price, Peter is now happily married to his second wife Emily MacDonagh. The Andres have a full house as Peter and Katie's two children, Junior and Princess (nicknamed Bista), have moved in. Peter and Emily also have two younger children – four-year-old Millie and Theo, who turns two this month.

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Peter recently told HELLO! that the pair take it in turns to be 'good cop' and 'bad cop', and it keeps the children happy. "Emily is stricter with Theo and Millie and I'm stricter with Junior and Bista," he said. "So we've found a happy medium. It actually works well – I'm good cop to Theo and Millie and bad cop to J and P and she's the same."

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And while the couple have gone back and forth with their decision to have a third child, Peter recently said he is open to the idea. Writing in his Now magazine column, the former pop star explained: "I know I said no a while back, but because Theo's becoming so much easier, I'm finding myself warming to the idea. My family can't believe it because they know how difficult Theo's been, but the way I see it, the worst case scenario is the first two years will be tricky and then it'll be fine."

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He continued: "At the start, it felt like he was never going to settle and sleep through the night, but now he's such a good baby and sleeps the longest out of all the kids! If we do have another one, it will be the last though... maybe!"

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