Emma Willis debuts SUPER long hair on The Circle and we're loving it 

The Circle is back but we're more excited about Emma Willis' hair...

Emma Willis returned to our TV screens on Tuesday night for Channel 4's The Circle, and she shocked fans of the show with her brand new hairstyle - a super long - and super blonde - ponytail. The 43-year-old looked absolutely fierce with her new faux ponytail, and we don't know about you but she makes us want to get a hair transformation - and STAT.

The mum-of-three showed off her new long hair hair on Instagram, captioning a series of photographs: "#TheCircle... let’s be havin’ ya! #whatyouwearinwillis."

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She then listed her trusty glam squad and revealed to her followers where her on-screen outfit was from. For those desperate to get their hands on the vibrant yellow suit that her stylist Leah Binnall found, you need to head to Amanda Wakeley. Emma's shoes were YSL. While Emma isn't loyal to one particular stylist (she often mixes them up), she does tend to keep her glam team intact.  

Birmingham-born Emma, who is married to Matt Willis, stays loyal to her glam team, including makeup artist Amanda Bowen and hair stylist Louis Byrne and his team. 

Louis captioned a photo of Emma showing off her new ponytail: "The game where anybody can be anybody … We decided to have some fun and mix it up."


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It has taken a while for Emma's hair to get to the blonde she was after, with Louis told HELLO!: "It's been something we've been working on for quite a while. I developed a hair technique called Spotlight Colour, it's really about personalising the hair colour that you have. With Emma, it's about enhancing the quiff area and using the colour to do that - creating a spotlight effect in the hair to give it a natural gleam and shine."

He continued: "We've been going from darker to light in a kind of gradual process. In the past year, we've taken it from stage to stage. Sometimes taking dark hair into a blonde can be quite damaging, so the Spotlight technique protects against that."