Workplace work out

If you spend your day in the office, that's the ideal place to start your daily health routine.

Spending long hours in the office may keep you away from the gym but it shouldn't stop you keeping in shape: there are plenty of simple exercises you can do at your desk which, combined with healthy habits, will help you stay fit. With a little thought, you can burn off a few of those extra calories and prevent the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Walk! Get started before you even get to the office: walk to work. If this isn't feasible, try and park slightly farther away, or get off a stop early if you travel by public transport.

  • Take the stairs. Climbing stairs is great low-impact exercise that is good for your legs and tightens the buttocks and thighs, so why use the lift? If you work on the top floor, walk the first few flights and catch the lift higher up.

  • At the computer. At times both tiresome and tiring, the computer can be a real energy sapper. But while you're sitting typing, you can do leg stretches or ankle twists to keep your joints moving and prevent getting pins and needles from sitting too long.

  • Make every moment count. Get your circulation going and relieve that feeling of tired legs by taking advantage of every moment: if you have to queue for the loo, do some heel-and-toe movements while you're waiting to move your feet and ankle joints and help circulation.

  • Make it personal. Don't always rely on email and phone: take a few moments to walk across the office and ask your colleague that question.

  • Take a  break. Set up an alarm on your computer to remind you to take a short break every hour or so. Walk round the office and make sure you have a good stretch before you sit back down.

  • Let's do lunch. Try not to eat at your desk every day. If it's unavoidable, at least slip out for a quick walk round the block - not only will the movement do you good, but you'll disconnect and work better afterwards, too.