The importance of brushing your teeth

Undoubtedly, brushing your teeth is considered a fundamental part of dental care.

And if teeth are not cleaned correctly and frequently, it could lead to the creation of cavities, gum disease, and other dental disorders.

Although many think of dental care as a chore, Philips have come up with a fun and stylish way of taking care of your mouth.



Their new, simple and sophisticated DiamondClean toothbrush is no ordinary piece of kit. 

It's gentler than a manual or an oscillating toothbrush, helping to keep your teeth stronger and healthier for longer.

The brush is also able to deliver a unique whole mouth clean thanks to its five bespoke modes that allow users to tailor their brushing according to their needs as well as their dental professional's advice. 

Philips have also recently introduced the latest breakthrough innovation in interdental cleaning, the Sonicare AirFloss.


Flossing on a regular basis can be time consuming as well as painful, but with Sonicare AirFloss flossing is easier, it maximizes plaque removal between teeth and ultimately improves gum health.

It works by using a rapid burst of air and water droplets that can reach up to 45mph to thoroughly fill up the interproximal area between teeth and force plaque and bacteria out.

This rapid burst is directed using a nozzle guidance tip that ensures targeted cleaning between teeth and the one-button operation cleans the entire mouth in less than a minute, while using less than one teaspoon of water for two full cleaning sessions.

Both products are available from Amazon and Boots.