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Chris Hemsworth opens up about losing weight for film roles

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Chris Hemsworth is renowned for his muscular physique, so fans last year were shocked when the 32-year-old actor posted a photo of himself looking extremely skinny following his dramatic weight loss for his role in In the Heart of the Sea. Now, the Australian heartthrob has admitted that he wouldn't put his body through another gruelling diet programme, explaining he found it "too exhausting".

chris hemsworth© Photo: Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth has talked losing weight for film roles

"I don't think I'd lose it again, no, because it's just too exhausting," Chris told Wonderwall, before revealing he would prefer for the film studio to use special effects to achieve the drastic look. "There are smarter ways of doing it now, I think, camera trickery and so on," he explained.

The father-of-three also confessed that while he trains hard to gain the weight necessary for his muscular physique in Thor, he finds it "easier to put it on than it is to take it off".

"I don't mind going up to Thor weight and then going back down to my normal body weight," he explained. "It's easier to put it on than it is to take it off."

thor© Photo: Instagram

The actor shocked fans with his weight loss for In the Heart of the Sea

He added: "It gets harder each time once you put on that mass. Your body's like, 'Nah, it's staying here'."


It's not the first time Chris has opened up about the challenge of losing weight for a role. Ahead of filming In the Heart of the Sea, he admitted he was prepared to "be pretty uncomfortable" during filming in order to maintain the look.

liam hemsworth© Photo: Instagram

Chris is renowned for his impressive muscular physique

"We have to shoot the really skinny stuff where we drop down to five, six, 700 calories a day, a good three or four weeks," he told Entertainment Tonight. "And it's going to be pretty uncomfortable, but we'll be together in our misery."

Chris, who is married to Spanish model and actress Elsa Pataky, also confessed that he wasn't finding the dieting lifestyle particularly appealing, as he often felt hungry. "I spend more time thinking about food than anything else at the moment," he said.

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