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Kate Upton's surprising stress-busting secret

The model has an unusual way of relieving stress

Kate Upton
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Kate Upton swears by colonics when it comes to eliminating stress. The star is convinced the procedure, which irrigates the colon through a tube inserted into the rectum, is one of the most beneficial alternative health remedies out there.

"Not only does it make you feel better - especially with all of the bad food I put in my body - but (I feel like) it helps cleanse you of any stress or any feelings you've been holding onto," she enthuses to Well and Good. "I've noticed a big change in everything - in my skin, my attitude, everything. You learn a lot about your body. I highly recommend it."

Kate Upton

Kate Upton shared the details of her favourite alternative health remedies

Bowel health is extremely important for The Other Woman star, who makes sure she gets her digestion flowing first thing in the morning with some "special' drinks. "Every morning I wake up and have water with lemon at room temperature," she shares. "It helps get my digestion going. Then I have to have a coffee - usually black, like my heart. Just kidding, but I drink it black, or sometimes I'll treat myself to an almond milk latte."

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And then she hits the gym: "I prefer to work out in the morning, but it depends on my schedule since it's always changing. If I can't, then at least I'm going on a long walk with my dog and getting my body moving," she shares, before outlining her exercise regimen. "I like to weight train because it raises my heart rate up to the point that I don't really have to do that much cardio, and it makes me feel strong. Working out is probably the best thing I can do for my stress and anxiety - it helps clear my head and it's nice to take care of myself."

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