Victoria Derbyshire says losing her hair during cancer left her feeling 'powerless'

The BBC journalist said losing her hair was worse than her breast

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Victoria Derbyshire has opened up about the effects of her cancer battle, saying that she felt "powerless" after losing her hair. By the end of her treatment, the BBC journalist was left with a bald head and tufts of hair on the side, but she chose not to cut if off. "It was grotesque and I had no control over it," Victoria told The Times. "I understand that it's supposed to be empowering, but I couldn't do it. I felt better having a bit of hair, even though it was gross."

She admitted that losing her hair was far worse than her breasts, because "you don't look like you". Victoria, 48, said: "I did like my breasts, for what it's worth, but in the great scheme of things it's no big deal. I just thought – let's just do it, let's get on with it. I don't care. It's gone." The mother-of-two had reconstructive surgery after her mastectomy. Thankfully after six sessions of chemotherapy and 30 sessions of radiotherapy, Victoria has been given the all-clear from doctors, although they warn there is an 11 per cent chance of the cancer recurring.

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Victoria has made a full recovery

The broadcaster was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. She documented her health battle in a series of videos, some of which went viral and were some of the most viewed on the BBC's website. Later this month, Victoria will publish a book based on her video diary, entitled Dear Cancer, Love Victoria.

Previously speaking about her hair loss in one video clip, Victoria said: "I have to say losing my hair was the worst bit about cancer treatment for me, more so than having a mastectomy. Don't judge me for that, it's just the way I felt." Removing her wig, Victoria went on to say: "I'm grateful for this wig because it helped me get on with things, go to work, live my life normally without worrying. But it is time for it to go."

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