How to survive all night in heels

These tips and tricks should help stop those aching party feet...

Party season has arrived and the calendar is packed full of opportunities to bring out those gorgeous, albeit impractical, sky-high stilettos. But, it turns out, a fabulous pair of party heels and pain-free feet aren't mutually exclusive, and by 9pm you may well be hobbling your way home. To help you safeguard your look – and your feet – we compiled these top tips and products…

1. Choose your footwear wisely
Before you purchase, try them on and make sure you walk in them for a few minutes to make sure they're comfortable. If you wear heels regularly, change your shoes and the height as often as possible.
We know they're sexy, but avoid thin heels if possible. They cause your feet to wobble around which leads to more pressure on the balls of your feet. When it comes to heels, the thicker the better! When it comes to heel height, try not to exceed 4cm.

2. Plan ahead
To prevent that horrible burning sensation in the soles of your feet, wear a pressure relief pad such as Scholl Party Feet Gel Cushions – these provide invisible gel cushioning to prevent any sore sports caused by shoes rubbing or slipping.

3. Take breaks
When possible – in the car, when you're sat at the bar or during a quick toilet break – take off your heels and stretch your ankles and toes.

4. Stretch out
Try and stretch out your calves before and after wearing heels – your Achilles tendon can contract and shorten in high heels and end up feeling sore when you walk in flat shoes afterwards.

5. Recover
Take some time after removing your heels to apply a nourishing treatment – Ureka Tea Tree Footcare Cream, £5.95, contains soothing calendula to moisturise and provide smooth, soft skin.