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Lunar Eclipse 2018: this is how the blood moon will affect your mood

Prepare to feel emotional…

The world is preparing for a spectacular lunar eclipse on Friday night – the longest one of this century, in fact, lasting for one hour and forty minutes in total. And actually, many believe that the moon's movements have a direct correlation with human emotion and wellbeing – and this one is expected to be an intense one. Why? Astrology aficionados will tell you that Friday's full moon will be in Aquarius, the 'humanitarian' sign. So apparently, we're about to get all the feels.

red moon© Photo: Getty Images

Friday's blood moon is going to be beautiful

July's full moon will be a 'blood moon', too – making it all the more stunning to look at. This is because when the moon is fully in the earth's shadow, it turns red as the sunlight is deflected through the Earth's atmosphere. So, whether you believe in the moon's effects or not, it's worth drawing up a deckchair and looking to the sky.

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Going back to your mood, it's thought that Friday's eclipse will intensify the emotions brought on by the moon. According to Bustle, "Aquarius is known as being one of the most outgoing in the zodiac, energy is also typically high. And in the case of an Aquarius full moon being coupled with a lunar eclipse, feelings can peak."

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Blogger and fan of all things mystical Kate Able-Green - @katelifedaily on Instagram - says the upcoming eclipse could explain any mood swings experienced this week. She posted: "Tonight is a full moon total eclipse. If you can’t think straight, your head is buzzing, you feel angry and irritable (and not just the heat!) and you literally can’t sleep, this is why!

lunar eclipse© Photo: Getty Images

The eclipse is said to bring about heightened emotions

"The past will come back to test us, decisions will show us how much we have grown, or how stuck we are. This is the chance to show we’ve learnt from mistakes and we’re not afraid to open up to new beginnings. Drink loads of water, enjoy nature, take time out (alone) and make sure you look out of your window at about 8.50 tonight to watch the moon go red," she added.

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